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Object Designing

CJS BC "Prioritet" assumes complex development of projects to erect objects of construction engineering purpose with fulfillment of the whole range of activities while designing, namely:

  • Explanatory note
  • Architectural and construction solutions, general working programme, equipping with services and utilities, transport provisions
  • Technological constituent
  • Solutions concerning engineering equipment and external networks
  • Assessments of environmental impact
  • Construction organization
  • Estimate documentation
  • Register of scopes of activities
  • Demonstration materials, models (according to design task).

Depending upon object difficulty it is possible to make design for one stage or divide it into two stages. Under coordination, examination and project documentation confirmation we guarantee protection of project decisions.

Under project development it is provided the use of modern materials and new technology for construction securing strength, stability, life of objects as well as economic expediency of decisions made.