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Project Financing

A group of companies represented by BC "Prioritet" forms a concept of project financing of investment programs on the whole range of construction projects:

  • Industrial construction (including engineering structures and objects of advanced complexity)
  • Commercial real estate (including offices and stockrooms)
  • Hotel real estate (including rehabilitation of ecological areas and recreation events).

While developing investment project we proceed from assessment of risk level concerning influence of key factors of economic, financial and political situation as for each and every project. A group of companies of BC "Prioritet" has its own resources, and can minimize expenses to implement project not to decline general level of profitability. The approach covers both material resources and nonmaterial, financial and productive resources/assets, which includes among other things insurance of civil engineering and installation risks and liability, contract management (construction management, purchase management, quality control etc.), financial provision and contingent liability. Set of the measures gives ability to minimize inflation, price (currency), legislative, technological risks, and reduce tax and customs payments.

BC "Prioritet" holds classic financing:

  • Investment estimation
  • Prior technical and economic assessment
  • Comprehensive technical and economic study
  • Development of business plan
  • Negotiations with investors, preparation of contract documentation
  • Opening of project financing